Tech and Tourism Innovation Week at CBC Innovation Hub Istog // 14-19 November 2016

What is Tech and Tourism Innovation Week?

The Tech and Tourism Innovation Week is an event that provides the space for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative business ideas in front of established entrepreneurs and receive funding up to 3,000eu. The event also promotes technical and non-technical mentoring to the entrepreneurs during the week in order to clearly define the innovative ideas and apply the newly learned skills to the start-up venture. Whether you are looking for feedback on an idea, a co-founder, specific skill sets, or a team to help you execute, the tech and tourism innovation week is the best environment in which to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup.
The ideas topics are separated in two lots:

Lot I: Development of touristic packages or improvement of existing ones.
Lot II: Development of digital tools to improve the visibility and quality of tourism in the region (web apps, mobile apps).

How to participate in Tech and Tourism Innovation Week?

Step 1. Send an e-mail to [email protected]
Step 2. Shortly explain your or your groups idea in the e-mail
Step 3. Download the guidelines from and read them carefully.
Step 4. Join the opening of the Tech and Tourism Innovation Week on Monday, 14th of November.
Step 5. Work your way to victory.

How is Tech and Tourism Innovation Week organized? (Agenda)

Monday, 14th of November
09:00am // Registration – Arrive at the venue and check in
10:00am // Welcome & speakers – Official welcoming and opening of Tech and Tourism Innovation Week
10:30am // Forming of teams – Teams form and ideas are discussed
11:00am // Work begins – Start to formalize the teams and begin working in the ideas.

Tuesday, 15th of November
10:00am – 16:00pm // Continuous work on the innovative ideas

Wednesday, 16th of November
10:00am – 16:00pm // Continuous work on the innovative ideas

Thursday, 17th of November
10:00am – 16:00pm // Continuous work on the innovative ideas

Friday, 18th of November
10:00am – 16:00pm // Final documents preparation and preparation of pitching presentation

Saturday, 19th of November
09:00am // Arrival – Arrive at the venue and check in
09:30am // Final preps – Final hour of work and presentation preparation
11:00am // Pitching & presentations – Pitching of the idea in front of the jury of experts
14:00pm // Judging & winners – Winners of the competition selected and announced

Thursday, 24th of November
10:00am – Award Ceremony // Speeches by EU and awards officially given to the winners of the competition

Who will judge on Tech and Tourism Innovation Week?

The Tech and Tourism Innovation Week judges are experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who have shown a history of success during their careers. Find their info in the following:
Vigan Budima (Head of Advanced Infrastructure Service / Asseco SEE)
Vigan Budima is the Head of Advanced Infrastructure Services in Asseco South Eastern Europe. Even though he held several managerial positions in recent years, he has a deep technical background built from his 15 years of professional work, mainly in System Integration. In addition to his technical background, Vigan has strategic development and leadership experience serving as a board member for Asseco SEE in Kosovo and Albania while continuously organizing and supervising operations of the SI Business Unit (defining the BU strategy, developing its product portfolio, planning annual budgeting, execution and control). He is part of Innovation Center of Kosovo (ICK), he is part of the Admission Committee for new start-ups, where he also serves as a mentor for existing startups.

Etnik Blakaj (CEO / Zetta Technologies)
Etnik is the CEO & Founder at Zetta, a technology company focused on crafting web & mobile experiences for the digital world. He is a tech enthusiast aiming to solve problems and provide exciting solutions. Recently, Etnik co-founded Specta Labs in NYC, which focuses on building and launching new technology startups. Atto is its latest product that aims to disturb the timekeeping industry and help businesses become more productive.

Syzane Baja (Program Coordinator / Solidar Suisse)
Syzana Baja is the Program Coordinator at Solidar Suisse. She has extensive experience in team leading; wide experience in Project Cycle Management; experienced in principled negotiation; very good strategic and program planning skills. Thematic expertise in: governance, participation, policy- making, strengthening civil society organisations, rural development, food industry; vocational training; environmental education; health reforms, business planning, and sustainable development.

Who will mentor and coach on Tech and Tourism Innovation Week?

The Tech and Tourism Innovation Week will also provide the participants with seasoned mentors and coaches who have the technical and soft backgrounds to assist the development of the ideas, accordingly with the guidelines set by the call.
Granit Doshlaku (Co-founder & Digital Director / Manaferra)
Granit Doshlaku is co-founder & digital director at Manaferra and lecturer for the Digital Marketing Institute. While leading the digital team, he is a SEO Expert and shares an outstanding interest in the impact of digital in daily life.
Faton Sopa (CEO / Manaferra)
Faton holds a Master in Digital Marketing & Social Media from The University of Sheffield. He has been active in the digital marketing industry for 7+ years, engaging in various challenging projects and helping companies get the best out of the digital era. Along with day to day operations and keeping up the good spirit within teams, Faton is directly involving in communications with his company clients to ensure their objectives are always met.

Download the guidelines for the call here!