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Gjakova is located in the west of Kosovo with 94.556 residents.

The complex of Hudumi mosques is a sacral object in Gjakova, Kosovo.

Hudimi mosque is a monument of cultural heritage. The object was built during the reign of Ottoman’s Empire in the last decade of XVI century. Hudimi mosque that is an architectural building belongs to the classic forms of mosques of Kosovo’s style. The mosque is covered with cubes, has a rectangle and right angle, and has a minaret that goes through the east-western wall with a right angle base. The layout and compositional scheme is consist by: praying hall, hayat, that is located in the north-west wall and minaret. Also is needed to be mentioned that around the mosques are graves with, realized in stone plastic, with etching, written in old Ottoman language. In the past, in this part of mosque were buried the members of known families of Gjakova.

As a part of a mosque were hamam that doesn’t exist anymore (2008), ‘’Hani I Haraqive’’ (still exists, but is adopted and transformed during the time), the building of old library, object from 1671 ( the library does not exist, it was burned form Serbian forces during the 1999’s war and in total is destroyed in 2000) and ‘’mejtep’’ from 1777, also adopted.


Old bazaar is known as an oldest bazaar in Kosovo. The old bazaar is also known as a heart of Gjakova’s economy.


Ura e Fshajtë is a protected natural zone in the canyon of Drini I Bardhe and is a nature monument with a hydro geo-morphologic character. The bridge is located in Fshaj village,while the entire natural protected area has a surface of 199 ha and is lied in the Municipality of Gjakova territory (73.86ha) and Rahovec (124.96ha) .


Gjakova Highland Marathon is a running marathon that starts from Gjakova and finishes in Bajram Curri in Albania. This marathon is divided in: marathon 42 km, half marathon 21 km and relay of 10 km with 4 runners. During the marathons the runners will go through a lot of beautiful touristic places.