CBC Innovation Hubs serve the local community to enhance their digital presence and add value to the new and existing tourism business opportunities. Read more about the opportunities at the Innovation Hub.

Short description of the Innovation Hubs

Co-working spaces in CBC Innovation Hub in Istog offers the opportunity to all youth of Dukagjini region to express their innovative ideas in integrating technology in tourism sector. Co-working spaces are open to all interested people of Dukagjini region.


Mission of the CBC Innovation Hubs is to bring together talented local youth and work to express and develop innovative ideas of integrating tourism businesses in online platforms.

Advisory Board

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CBC Innovation Hub will organize various events in which all local youth is invited.


Trainings are expected to include specific topics taught from professional trainers/consultants. Trainings will possess materials based on topics in order to inform participants with the needed information in particular fields.


Workshops are expected to have specific topics, which will include participants with the aim to inform and be part of them.

Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring and coaching will be held from experienced businessmen in entrepreneurship and technology, who will help, advise, and assist participants in CBC Innovation Hub.